Shanggao Longxiang Casting
Shanggao Longxiang Casting

Yichun, Jiangxi, China

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  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Shanggao Longxiang Casting
Shanggao Longxiang Casting
  • Main Products
    Flexible pipe coupling with clamps, Logistics steel pallet, Metal button, Pipe joint
  • Total Employees
    35 peoples
  • Plant Area
    3000 Square meter(s)
  • Annual Output Value
    $5.00 millions
  • Main Technology
    cast, weld
  • Certification
    GB/T 19001/ISO 9001
  • Production Capacity
    Flexible pipe coupling with clamps 10000 Piece(s) /Month
    • Flexible pipe coupling with clamps
      10000 Piece(s)/Month
    • Logistics steel pallet
      10000 Piece(s)/Month
    • Metal button
      10000 Piece(s)/Month
    • Pipe joint
      10000 Piece(s)/Month
  • License No.
  • Address
    jinjingzhen shihuchun, Yichun, Jiangxi, China
Business Description
Welcome to Shanggao Longxiang Casting

Jiangxi Longxiang Casting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of clamp-type flexible pipe joints. It is 110km away from Nanchang, 90km away from Yichun and 320 National Highway passes through the city. The Mengguo Railway is under construction. . Transport facilities, logistics development.
The company is producing KRH, KRJ, KRHK, KRG-type clamp-type flexible quick-connector professional veteran manufacturers. Since the 1970s from abroad to introduce the clamp-type flexible pipe joints, because the product easy to install, fast maintenance, the use of stable and rapid in the pipeline project instead of the flange.
The clamp type flexible pipe joint is a new type of pipe connector. , Which uses the media to produce the pressure and the self-tightening ring, the media sealed. Applicable to the power, mining, chemical, environmental protection, oil and other sectors of the ground or underground water supply and drainage, transportation of dust, mud and other fluids. The product is small size, light weight, simple structure, each tube fittings only 2-4 (except large diameter) bolts, easy installation and maintenance, the installation can be easily selected to operate the local operation, compared with the flange Improve the work efficiency of 5-8 times, not only reduces the installation strength, but also to extend the life of the pipeline to provide a precise guarantee, it is also known as quick connectors; between the two connecting pipe for the flexible connection, allowing 3-5 degrees arbitrary offset, There are ups and downs, curved ground or roadway in the pipeline, do not have to take another angle elbow, due to the gap between the two tubes can be self-compensating steel telescopic, the entire pipeline can cancel the telescopic compensator, the project cost reduction; Sealing ring with self-tightening function, which is contrary to the traditional flange, the higher the media pressure, the better sealing performance, and impact resistance, vibration resistance, to ensure the reliability of the seal. Because of the advantages of the above products, the product has been valued and selected by the design departments of electric power, coal, metallurgy, chemical engineering, environmental protection, municipal engineering, railway and highway tunnel construction, and sold to domestic electric power, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry and petroleum , China Railway Construction, China Railway and other departments, but also exported to Hong Kong, France, the Middle East and Africa and other countries. Welcomed by users. We can also according to the special requirements of the user free design Gezhongfeibiao and lined with rubber hose connector.
The company also produces all kinds of cast steel, cast iron, ductile iron pieces and various grades of high manganese steel, high chromium wear parts, all kinds of processing equipment, advanced testing equipment. Truly one-stop service to achieve mechanical parts.
Our advanced technology, excellent quality, high-quality services for new and old customers. Welcome new and old customers patronage.

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  • GB/T 19001/ISO 9001
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